Full Stack Blogging

I decided to revamp how this site is built and hosted - out of a desire to simplify the site, and control its entire stack from the content payload to the host itself. The site remains statically-generated, but the generation now happens in Middleman instead of Octopress. Additionally, repo-level GitHub Pages hosting has been dropped in favour of nginx serving the site directly from a Digital Ocean droplet. This is a few notes on the migration experience, and the ultimate configuration I've ended up with. continue reading →

Perpetually-Current Asset Allocation

One of the more tiresome aspects of self-directed investing is keeping track of a single logical portfolio that spans multiple accounts on an up-to-date basis. For a Canadian individual, this is quite often as many as three separate accounts – RRSP, TFSA, and non-registered.continue reading →

Personal CVs With Curriculum-Vitml

Word-processing documents are, charitably, a less-than-ideal way to represent textual content. As a recipient, they necessitate the presence of current and often expensive application software (i.e. Microsoft Office) - at least if you want to view the document with its original visual fidelity intact.continue reading →

A Full AWS Rails Stack Provision and Deployment with the Rubber Gem

It'd been some time since I'd set up a full Rails stack and deployment process on Amazon Web Services. I thought it would be worth trying out rubber from scratch to provision a full {Nginx, Passenger, PostgreSQL} stack on a single AWS host, with as much automation as possible, but without prematurely resorting to the cognitive-overhead of Chef/OpsWorks. This is my attempt to document the process, as I ran into a few roadblocks along the way. continue reading →

Wealthsimple Review

I've been watching the ascent of automated index investing services (e.g. Wealthfront) in the United States with keen interest, and I have been looking forward to the arrival of similar services in Canada. The value proposition is pretty straightfoward: you invest in securities (i.e. ETFs) in accordance with your savings goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, etc – and they take care of the messy details such as trading, rebalancing, and even tax-loss harvesting.continue reading →

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