My name is Dave Liggat; I'm a software engineer and DevOps practitioner/advocate. I've been steeped in tech for over a decade, within all manner of organizations from startups through several Fortune-500 companies, deeply within various technology stacks/environments including C++, Python1, and a number of years doing independent Ruby on Rails web application & infrastructure consulting. I work for Amazon Web Services in Vancouver.

My educational background is in Computer Science & Mathematics; along the way I did a Masters degree in Operations Research.

Contact details can be found here.

Standard Disclaimer

All opinions expressed here belong solely to me, not my employers, past or present. Moreover, and in particular, any AWS-focused content predates, and is orthogonal to, my present employment at AWS.

Why Does this Site Exist?

Primarily - as a creative outlet. I've always enjoyed writing, and I like the opportunity for permanence that the web provides. Also, it's fascinating to me to get insight into my past personality and interests - so I post things here (and on Twitter) of current interest knowing that I'm basically queuing up future introspection for myself. I primarily write about topics in the sphere of technology and occasionally finance.

I believe it is important to own your own identity and content online, especially if you work in technology. This makes a highly-portable, statically-generated website2 very appealing for long-form writing versus one of the various social platforms, which I have no particular confidence will still exist in a decade.

  1. A side-effect of Xooglerdom is an enduring affection for Python. 

  2. In my case, with Middleman